Nina's Tips on Starting and Keeping Up With Your Bullet Journal

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I’m Nina Scheliga, and I am 28 years old and live in Brazil. I lived in Canada for four years and, since I’ve been back in my country, I’ve been working in the third sector with local development. Apart from work I love studying, reading (specially when I am not swamped with academic readings) and traveling or enjoying my city when going away is not an option. My journey with bullet journaling started in March of 2017 and this is part two of my guest post series with Mighty Journals. 

I am now in my second bullet journal and it has brought me everything I had hoped for – organization, productivity, and the opportunity to express myself creatively. I love being part of the bullet journal community online. To welcome you all to the bujo community, here are some tips:

  1. Stick to one simple style in the beginning: It helped me a lot sticking to one style inspired by a few people in the beginning. I didn’t spent so much time looking for my own creativity and didn’t get lost on in all ideas that were out there. This way I had time to get comfortable with the method before taking these steps.
  2. Use a Trial Period: Starting out slow helped me minimize frustration and figure out how bullet journaling could best fit my needs. Only after I decided it was helpful for me, I started buying fancy supplies and a high-quality journal.
  3. Get comfortable being creative: I found it really useful to try new things every month. It was easy to see what spreads (like trackers, logs, and lists) that I wanted to use, but some of them really were not functional for me. Slowly I started sticking to those that worked and even switching them up as I understood how they helped me. So, use the flexibility of the bullet journal to experiment and find what works best!
  4. Accept yourself: I realize now, after reading so many blogs and seeing so many accounts, that each one has their own style and creativity. Accepting how your work looks and feels right now is important so you don’t get frustrated with your bullet journal. Enjoy the process of improvement and learning.
  5. Sharing your work: I started my instagram account to participate in challenges and get more involved with this online community. It has been a great experience which keeps me going with constant encouragement. Through instagram, I’m motivated to post frequently and keep my planning routine consistent even when I’m feeling a little off.
  6. “If you get tired, rest. Don’t quit”: I love this quote and to me it describes my whole relationship with the bullet journal. Some days I skip the journal altogether, some weeks I really don’t feel like touching it, and that’s ok. The journal works for me when I need it to. Not being hard on myself about it has really helped me keeping the journal going long term.

Although these tips are not a “how to” guide, I hope they help you enjoy the process! Bullet journaling is helping me with organizing and exploring new habits I never imagined would make me feel so accomplished. Don’t be afraid to get started and create your own way to reach your goals with bullet journal. Have fun!

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